Hi - Welcome to the website devoted to the vocal talents of  Denny McCaffrey - a man described as one of Britain's finest soul & blues singers...

Denny McCaffrey has been singing and playing in bands since the late '60s, working with a string of producers, record labels and well-respected musicians - see the Biography and Bandography pages for the full story. Recently Denny has released 'Come On In' - described as 'the lost soul album of the 70’s' by Pete Wingfield of '18 With A Bullet' fame and writer of some of the tracks on the album. You can hear tracks from that album on this site and buy it direct via PayPal.

Denny puts his heart and soul into his music, and genuinely enjoys the personal interaction gained from performing in front of an audience and with his fellow musicians. A tireless performer, Denny is currently working with a number of musical formats - from duo to full-on band - playing a mixture of soul and rythm and blues. Whatever the lineup, Denny gives it 100%.

Check out where Denny is currently playing live in one of his many musical incarnations via the Gig Diary and 'Come On In' and catch him in action....

Update! Hear Denny's album 'Come On In' being reviewed on BBC 3 Counties Radio!

Check out Denny's new video for Somebody Needs Somebody: