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Come On In - 'The Lost Album'

Denny’s album, 'Come On In', was recorded in the summer of 1976 but after contractual and internal political problems the album was put on the shelf! A few tape copies were made for friends and “that was that”!

Many years later (2004) Denny went to a concert at The Stables, Johnny Dankworths music venue in Milton Keynes, to see guitarist Albert Lee with his band Hogans Heros. Denny thought he recognized the keyboard player and was right, it was hit recording artist and producer Pete Wingfield (18 With A Bullet). Pete had written some of the songs on Denny’s “Come on In” album but they had never met. On Denny introducing himself after the show Pete was thrilled, he had known about the “Come On In” project but had never heard any of the tracks, he asked Denny to send him a copy, which he did, it was an old rough tape one, Denny thought “that’s that”

After some time Pete called to say the album was great “it’s the lost soul album of the 70’s, you must do something with it”

The hunt was on, where were the original tapes? Nobody knew! Denny again made contact with Producer Bruce Baxter, guitarist Ray Russell and Drummer Simon Phillips no one knew. Calls to Chiltern Radio and DJ Martin Collins at Virgin Radio could not shine any light on the lost recordings and then as a last resort Denny called his old friend Steve Williamson after first searching him out, “I don’t suppose you’ve got a reel to reel copy of the album (Steve had done the tape copies for friends) “I think it might be in my Mum’s garage” he said, It was!!!!!!

Would it play? Baked in an oven by Pete Brown at Beck Studios so that it might play just once, the tape was then transferred to computer……it played!!! Then to Ray Russells “Old Surgery Studio” in Sussex where Rik Walton brought it back to life. And now you can listen and buy the fruits of all this labour via Denny's website at